Montreal Couple Bag $55 Million Lotto Max Jackpot

April 30th, 2017   ·   Read Comment...

Anyone who wins a life changing amount will have serious security concerns to say the least. So what does someone who wins $55 million do? For lottery winners Nathalie Langlais and Gilles Rosnen that meant keeping the winning ticket in their daughter’s toy box over the weekend!

Nathalie says she seldom plays and usually checks her entries way after the draw. But when she checked her ticket Saturday morning the first thing she saw were two 5’s and was happy thinking she had won $55. But then she saw three more zeros, and then another set of three zeros. She remembers thinking she must be dreaming or had died. She could not believe it so she called her husband over. But she had really won $55 million. That is when they decided to hide the ticket in their daughter’s toy box.

Now that the win is confirmed she says she will help her extended family and go on vacations. With that huge amount there’s plenty to go around. But she does not want to stop working just yet as she loves her job and has contracts to finish.


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  • Paul

    I often wonder if wealthy people look out of their circle to help some good people in need. My charity to help the homeless with education and creating positive outlook has been crippled by lack of visitors to fund. Can anyone help?

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