Morning Sickness Makes Pregnant Woman Miss Part Of £29m Lotto Jackpot

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Louise Whitby missed work due to morning sickness and says she asked a co-worker to pay her £2 part of the office lottery syndicate she had been part of for the past two years.  However, when she got back to work her office mates just told her to buy lucky dips with the money instead.  Now ten co-workers, Louise not included, have won £29 million EuroMillions jackpot and Louise is furious.

Her ten now former co-workers have quit their jobs, giving a recruiting headache to their former employer.  As for Louise, she is now consulting with a solicitor, because she feels she has a right to share in the winnings.

Louise says she cannot speak to ten former friends ever again; sadly, in this case at least, the allure of money proved stronger than the bonds of friendship.


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