New Lotto Millionaire Chose To Do 12-Hour Shift On Christmas

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After winning £1million from the National Lottery, 55-year old car assistant Patricia Aldridge did not really have to work anymore. But she still did a 12-hour shift this past Christmas!

The winner says she and her husband have been playing the lottery for the past 23 years without much success – until now that is. Seems like their patience and persistence have been rewarded. Both say not much will change after their big win, and neither have plans of quitting their respective jobs. In Patricia’s case it’s because she loves the work she does at a Dementia and Alzheimer’s home, so she did not really mind putting in 12 hours last Christmas.

They feel that this breaks a sort of Christmas curse they’ve had for the past few years when they lost close relatives just before Christmas. Now they expect to be in Christmas mode for the rest of the year.

Another blessing is both Patricia’s and husband Robert’s colleagues are happy for them. And  they’re waiting to see the change in their bank balance soon.


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