NJ Woman Wins $2M Powerball Prize

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Lori Paldino of New Jersey has won a huge $2 million jackpot from the Powerball Lottery.  The ticket she had bought for the July 2 draw managed to match all 5 regular numbers drawn but not the powerball.  Normally that would have meant only a million dollar payout, but since Paldino invested an extra dollar in the Powerplay option, the prize was doubled.  A dollar for an extra million dollars; if only all investments paid that well!

Paldino already has a few plans for the money, including paying off mortgage and buying a ‘practical car’ for her daughter.  When asked what the best part about winning is, she has only one answer: peace of mind.

Read more in http://www.nj.com/lottery/index.ssf/2014/10/2m_powerball_winner_from_nj_cl.html

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