Men Sue NJ Lottery To Get $1M From Ticket They Threw Away

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Two men who pooled money to purchase Powerball tickets were lucky that one of their entries won a million dollars.  However, their luck did not last long enough for them to hold on to their winning ticket.  Salvatore Cambria and Erick Onyango, of Suffern, New York are now suing the Lottery to get hold of their money.

The men claim that Onyango checked their ticket against the numbers listed on the lottery website soon after the 11:00 pm draw.  Seeing that the numbers posted on the website did not match those on their ticket, Onyango threw it away.  But what they did not realize was that the website had not yet been updated.

They tried to retrieve their ticket when they realized it was a winner, but it was too late; the garbage truck had taken it away.

To support their claim in court, the men say they have two other entries whose serial numbers prove they had bought the winning ticket.


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