Nurse Wins $5 Million Mega Millions Prize

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michigan nurse wins $5 Million

A home health nurse in Michigan can finally afford to retire after bagging a life-changing lottery win.

Gladys Salzwedel, of Oakley, plays both Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries as these offer the biggest prizes. While she usually checks her entries promptly, one particular Monday her schedule was so hectic that she only managed to check the Powerball tickets and had to put the Mega Millions entries back in her bag and basically forgot about it.

She was only reminded about the tickets when she heard that a big winner had been sold at the Admiral, the store where she buys her tickets from. And she was stunned to learn that she was the winner they were talking about. Her ticket matched all five white balls drawn, which would have been a million dollar prize. However, since she paid an extra dollar for the multiplier option, her prize increased to $5 million.

She says her winnings will be used for retirement, to take a trip down south, pay off her bills and to give to her family and her church.


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