NZ Lotto Dog [video]

March 30th, 2011   ·   Read 6 Comments...

If you live in New Zealand you’ll probably already know about the lucky lotto dog advert (is he called Wilson?).

But if not you’ll enjoy this bittersweet lottery winners tale of the NZ lotto dog:

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  • Vas

    WOW, what a lovely thing the dog had done. But felt a bit sad though when he got to his owners front door and found him with a new cat 🙁 Sad or what 🙁

  • Saleembasha

    It is great to remember the good human things in life – and achieve a great life.

  • Pauline

    His dedication and love for his for his owner is overwhelming. Proud moments like this of owning a dog or two is truly a blessing. The sad part was seeing the dog’s owner replace him with a cat. It’s amazing how little things in life can make such a difference. I think I had just won the “LOTTERY” MYSELF.

  • Veronika

    It made me cry… really sad… but hey, a new owner came by right… homeless guy now isn’t homeless anymore.

  • Carol

    What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing a really heartwarming tale with a happy ending.

  • Victor

    It proves what goes around, comes around.

    Be kind to your pets and other people.

    God is watching.

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