$1 Million Ohio Lottery Winner To Buy A Truckload Of Toilet Paper..?

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Regina Jackson wanted to give something back, although this might not be everyones first thought.

Back in 2008 Regina was helped out by a charity when she lost her job in West Chester.

But having just claimed $1 Million as one of the New Year’s Raffle winners, her first thoughts are the group that were able to help her when she was in need.

Reach Out Lakota helps provide some of life’s necessities such as toilet paper, but are only able to provide 2 rolls per month. So Regina says she’d love to buy them a whole truckload – although maybe they would prefer the money instead.

Read more in http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/01/09/ohio-lottery-winner-gives-back/1821769/

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