Oregon Man Needed Twice The Luck To Collect Lotto Prize

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Like many lottery players, Joemel Panisa of Oregon tends to buy lottery tickets and then forget about them.  When he bought a Mega Millions ticket on Jan. 13, 2016, lady luck smiled and he was too busy to notice. It literally took a snowstorm to show him his fortune.

A snowstorm kept Panisa at home, so he decided he may as well do some house cleaning.  It was during house cleaning when he discovered a ticket he bought almost a year back. When he checked, the old ticket was worth a million dollars, but it was only eight days from expiring.  He immediately headed to the lottery offices to make his claim on the same day he found it again!

His ticket was the fourth million dollar winner from the Mega Millions since it was first played in Oregon in 2010.

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