Plumber Wins £14M Then Promptly Returns To Work

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The good thing about winning huge sums of money in the lottery is that it allows you to do pretty much whatever you like.  Some winners grab the opportunity to sit back and relax, buy lots of expensive stuff or travel to exotic locations around the globe.  But some winners, like John Doherty, would rather just get back to work!

The plumber surprised friends and colleagues by spending £780 towards a four-and-a half-day course on Gas Safe qualifications he need to ply his trade.  He even has a new 2106 plate black Mercedes van adorned with his JDPS logo!  Doherty explains that he does not really want to change.

Doherty and wife Allison bought the lucky dip at a Nisa convenience store after seeing another customer do the same.  The ticket brought them a £14,671,343 jackpot prize.

The hardworking plumber says getting up early has never bothered him and shares that he cannot just leave customers he has served for the past 32 years.  He loves his work and does not see himself retiring anytime soon.  Of course with the size of his prize he can change his mind and quit anytime he wants.


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