Plumber Wins A Million Dollars

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They say that in order to get anywhere, you first have to dream. For Granville plumber Scott Romei, it was his girlfriend’s innocent wish to have a million dollar home like the ones they saw along a Florida beach which motivated him to dream of millions.  So he promised he’ll start playing the lottery.

First day of playing the lottery produced $168 in the Pick 3.  The next day of play happened to involve a much bigger Powerball ticket he bought from the Certified store at 466 W. Main St., Granville, and it was even more lucky.  Romei managed to match five of the numbers drawn, but not the powerball – good enough for a $1 million payout.

The prize will net him about $710,000 which is not enough for a million dollar beach house.  However, he intends to repay his father’s kindness with a bass boat, set aside something for his daughter, pay off loans, save for retirement and invest in their business ‘Frank Romei and Son.’

He does not plan any major life changes.  He will continue being the town plumber and he will definitely continue playing the lottery.


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