Prankster Finally Wins The Lottery For Real

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Apparently a prank repeated often enough becomes the truth as a lottery player’s constant claims of a lottery jackpot win finally came true.

Lee Davies was such a prankster that when he finally won £100,000 playing the lottery, his fiancee will not believe him. But when Camelot confirmed the win by phone she was stunned. Davies won the prize off a £1 red scratchcard which he has not bought in the last two years. He simply gave in to a sudden urge to buy a ticket.

Though they say the money is not a very huge amount it will allow them to do a lot of things. First one on the list is to have a proper wedding in the presence of their three children and 500 guests. They also plan to go visit Tenerife – the first time they’ll leave the country. What’s left over will be used for a new home, to fund a honeymoon in Spain, and a season ticket for the Wolverton Wolves football team’s games.


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