Radlett Mother and Daughter Win £1million

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A lucky mother and daughter playing tandem are celebrating a £1million win. And it could not have come at a better time.

Brenda Page and her daughter Julie buy tickets four weeks in advance and then check the results only when they go out to buy the next set. But when Brenda heard of unclaimed winnings, she decided to check. That’s when she found out that one of their tickets has won in the Millionaire Raffle draw. That meant a million pounds in winnings for them to share. Brenda called Julie and told her the joyful news.

The win comes just in time, as Julie has been made redundant and is engaged to be married. Now mother and daughter look forward to buying their own houses. And Julie’s fiance has been advised that he is suddenly marrying into a millionaire family.

The couple are still planning a modest wedding but are very happy that buying their home and financing their upcoming wedding will  not be a problem.

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