Record Cash 5 Jackpot Winner

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Scanning his third Cash 5 ticket into the lottery machine, Ronald Flickinger was not exactly overwhelmed when it said ‘You won $1’.

His first two tickets were losers.

But his 4th ticket was a different story altogether. Not only had he won the Cash 5 jackpot, but he’d also won the biggest ever jackpot in the 19 years the game has been running.

His jackpot prize amounted to $1,570,330. Which is particularly large for a Pick 5 lottery game.

Ronald is the owner of a local Somerset business, Talbert Tire Services. His wife Donna is a social worker, so Ronald stopped by her workplace to let her know he was now a millionaire. Then headed off again.

Donna was left wondering what she was supposed to do next. So she continued working.

And it looks like both of the couple enjoy their working lives to the extent neither of them plan to retire early, despite the comfortable bank balance they now enjoy.

They plan to share some of the money with their 3 grown up children, and give some to their church. Then maybe take a week off to have a nice holiday. Other than that, they see the win as security for their eventual retirement.

Ronald’s winning ticket was a quick pick ticket, bought at the Rhoads Mini Mart. He usually spends around $20 per week on the lottery. His winning numbers were 5, 17, 25, 31 and 37.

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  • Sally-Anne

    It’s great to see another quick pick lottery winner. Lots of people win with quick pick tickets – despite what the idiots selling those trashy lottery systems say (but then they would say that wouldn’t they!)

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