Reluctant Lotto Player Wins Big

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His girlfriend, who plays the lottery a lot, convinced a man from Chesterfield, Virginia to play the lottery.  The man obliges and buys a Mega Millions Ticket.  He watches the draw and when he fails to win the jackpot he sets his ticket aside.  But that’s only half the story.

Woodrow Green has always been a reluctant lottery player so when his ticket failed to win the jackpot, he just set it aside.  He didn’t know any better.  Luckily, his girlfriend of thirty years kept pestering him to get the tickets checked hoping for a minor prize at least.

When Green went to a Kroger and thought he might have won a thousand dollars.  But a hint of his good fortune came by way of the store clerk telling him his prize is too big to cash.  When he went to the lottery office he discovered he had won a $1 million second prize.

Now Green wants to use the money to pay off the house and maybe go on a vacation.  He’s letting his girlfriend pick where.  He now knows it pays listening to her.  Meanwhile, he went back to work the day after he won.

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