Retired Couple To Build New Home After £5 Million Win

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Tommy Parker has developed a routine since he retired. Buy a newspaper at 9:30 in the morning and then also purchase lottery tickets which he kept under a biscuit barrel. It finally paid off in a big way.

Retired couple Tommy and Linda Parker bagged a £5,014,254 jackpot in the must win Lotto draw Wednesday when their ticket matched five main numbers and a bonus ball. Since no one matched all six main numbers, the jackpot was shared by people whose ticket matched five main numbers. They were one of the lucky ones.

Since the wife has mobility issues Tommy has always said he wants to build her a new house. Their son-in-law, who is a builder, has said he will build their house if they won the lottery. Now he will have to make good on that promise.

Aside from the house, the couple are looking to go on a cruise. Part of their winnings will be set aside to help family too. Now that they’re free from financial worries, retirement has just gotten a lot more rosy for this couple.


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