Retired New Glasgow Couple Win $1.75 Million

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Margaret and Gerald Stewart had played the lottery in various syndicates at their workplaces for about 40 years without winning anything more than $100. But they patiently continued playing even after they were both retired.

Beginning this September the couple chose a new number combination made up of their grandchildren’s birthday and the number 16, the age of one of them. When they first used the new combination Margaret was so confident they’d win she told the clerks at the store she’s win using the combination one day. And from then on, they played the same number.

True enough on the Dec. 6 draw of Lotto 6/49 their numbers came up giving them the top prize of $1.75 million. They always said their grandchildren will take care of them, not realizing that just using their birthdays on a lottery combination is the key.

Funny but on the day of the draw, Margaret did not want to go out to buy a ticket because of bad weather. But she  had Christmas decor to buy, so out she went giving her the chance to purchase a ticket at a gas station.

Now the retired couple is in celebration mode and have asked their family to come over.



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