Retired Taxi Driver Scoops $11.5 Million Jackpot

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taxiA retired taxi driver won an $11.5 million jackpot from the New York Lottery.  Leroy Beckford posted his huge win via a quick pick ticket he bought from 7 & 7 Deli and Grocery on East 241st St.  And in case you are wondering if he has a secret for winning, there is no clear answer, but the fact that he plays the lottery every day may have something to do with it.

Beckford, whose only relative is  a daughter, chose to be paid in a single lump sum of $4,591,672.  He promptly declared he wants to use his winnings to enjoy what remains of his life.

Beckford’s daughter hinted her father may take up a wife now that he is financially stable.  He must really love gambling – getting married is one of the biggest gambles a person can make.


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