Retired Teacher Wins £1 million Lotto Jackpot

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It’s a good thing that a retired teacher didn’t give his ticket away when he thought he had won a pint of milk. Bill Bett saw ‘1 MIL’ on his Monopoly Game scratchcard and mistakenly thought it meant a pint of milk. It was only after he went back to the shop to have it checked when he was told he had won the top prize. That ‘1MIL’ really meant £1 million. And to think  that he always said “No one wins £1 million in a scratchcard!”

Like many winners, he had trouble making his siblings believe he had really won. But now that the dust has settled, he has made a few life changes.  For one, he has bought a nice bungalow as at 69 years old, the stairs at his present home gives him quite a challenge. He says he may take up painting once again, now that everything is at one level. He’s also considering buying a caravan.


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