Retired Trucker Wins Lotto Twice In A Month

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When you hear the phrase “Some people have all the luck” they must be referring to Cliff Reynolds and there must not be many more like him. Reynolds has just managed to win the lottery twice in one month.

Reynolds has already won the $1 million encore prize in the April 5th draw of the 6/49 lottery, and you’d think that he has spent all the luck he had on that big win. But if you think that will stop him from playing, then you’re mistaken. He kept buying 6/49 tickets and was rewarded with another win. On the April 26th draw he won a further $10,000!

When he discovered the second win Reynolds immediately called a 93-year old aunt who raised him. She was happy for him but Reynolds is more concerned with her welfare. He says he will make sure that she’s well taken care of.

Next the winner called his brother asked him to come to Toronto, and then later revealed he had won twice. He has decided to help his brother and family. He plans to set-up funds for his nephews.

Amazingly, he purchased both winning ticket from the same store – the Couples Convenience & Video 99 on Pond Mills Road.



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