Retiree Posts $30 Million 6/49 Lotto Win

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It is a common retirement dream for many men – go off to the golf course everyday while they can. And now William “Bud” Perry will get to live that dream in style, thanks to the lottery.

Perry isn’t even a serious lottery player. He says he only plays the 6/49 lottery for the dream and not for the win. But now that the win has landed in his lap, he will be able to live his dreams. The $30 million jackpot prize will make sure that happens. He discovered his big win by checking the results online. Still he had to ask a friend to come over his house to verify it – such was his shock at the  enormous prize.

The 77-year old former crane operator says that he now intends to travel all around the country to play in the best golf courses, maybe even with some of his golfing buddies. Though he has no illusions that it will improve his game, he’s sure to have lots of fun.

There will be lots left over which he says will be used to take care of family – that’s his children and grandchildren.


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