Rocky & Bob Split a Powerball Million

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Bob regularly went into the Flanagan Bart’s Supermarket while on business. And saw an endless stream of Powerball ticket sales being handled by Rakesh Patel (“Rocky”).

Being a salesman at heart Rocky was constantly tring to sell Bob a Powerball ticket. Until Bob finally relented, and reached for his cash.

Only to find he didn’t have any notes on him, just some coins. He managed a dollar, and handed it over – only to be reminded Powerball was now $2 a ticket.

Bob went to recover his coins, but before he could Rocky threw down an extra dollar of his own and printed a quick pick. Writing both their names on the back he gave Bob the ticket, saying it’s a 50/50 split if we win.

5 matched numbers later – which Bob’s wife insisted wasn’t worth a dime – and the unusual Rocky & Bob syndicate found themselves sharing a $1 Million payout.

Bob was already planning to retire at the end of this year so the timing could not have been better for him. Rocky is thrilled at his store having claimed a big win – which he will also be sharing with his cousin who owns the store.

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