Samba Band Regales Lottery Players In Glasgow [video]

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Surprise marked the faces of people lining up for National Lottery tickets at Browns Newsagent, in the Cardonald area of Glasgow as horns blared, drums sounded, and confetti flew as a flash mob with a full Samba band walked in.  The reactions of the delighted shoppers were caught in the store’s security cameras.

Apparently the Samba band was part of a flash mob dubbed Lotto Cheer organized by recipients of donations from the National Lottery’s fund for good causes.  The mob was showing their thanks for 20 years of lottery funded projects.  Surprised and amused people queuing up for tickets were all smiles as the band and the mob carrying thank you signs marched past them and back out the store.

The news agent was chosen as the site of the Lotto Cheer after having raised £2.7million for good causes – the highest raised by an independent retailer in Scotland.  The National Lottery raises £33 million for good causes each week.


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