Same Lottery Numbers For 36 Years But Finally We Won

August 31st, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

An unnamed couple just collected $10 Million on the Australian Powerball. They knew pretty quickly they had won on checking the numbers – as they’d been playing the same numbers for over 36 years!

The couple said the win would be completely life changing for them, particularly as they had been struggling to get by in recent years.

But they would still ensure that friends and family were taken care of first. Then the rest of the win would help secure their future.

The couple said they were about to head out to K and K Toys where they bought their winning ticket, when a phone call arrived from one their relatives. Apparently someone from their area, Kyabram, was the winner and did they know who it is?

We didn’t know who it was, or course, but we said we hoped it was someone in need of a windfall.

The owner of the store Kevin Bell, said:

A few people have been joking this morning that they’ll be looking out for someone driving a new car. But I think if I won that sort of money I’d be keeping it quiet too.

Kevin’s store is no stranger to lottery winners having sold 22 1st division prizes in the past – although none as big as this one before.

There are no taxes payable on Australian lottery winnings so the couple will receive the full $10 Million as a lump sum.

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