Scottish Club Hits Jackpot Without Placing A Bet

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How does a football club hit the jackpot without even placing a lottery bet?   It is enough, apparently, to be from the same hometown as a huge (and generous) lottery winner.

Local Scottish Footbal club Partick Thistle had just been promoted to the premiership in the summer, which was cause for celebration for its fans.  Now, a couple of its fans have decided to plough £750,000 of their £161,653,000 win into the Thistle Weir Youth Academy, which will provide for 120 youth players and revitalize the football activity in the community.

Chris and Colin Weir decided to help out on learning of the club’s ambition to form a youth academy.  Nor is this the first time local football has benefited from the Weir’s generosity.  The couple have previously forked out £750,000 for a new pitch at local youth team Largs Thistle.

It is inspiring to note that the Weirs could have spent all their money for their own pursuits, but chose to stay in Scotland and support local football clubs.


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