Scratch Card Spoils Turkey Dinner

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It was a typical Sunday turkey family dinner.

Most of the family were in the kitchen finishing up the cooking. The two cousins however were sat at the dining table passing the time with a couple of scratch off lottery tickets one of them had bought.

The first cousin scratched a loser. The second cousin won $100,000.

The first cousin joked “I gave you the wrong ticket”.

Needless to say the food was quickly forgotten as the winner could not believe his luck:

It really hasn’t hit me yet. I know I’m going to help my family with this money.

The prize was the first of five up for grabs in the South Carolina Lottery’s ‘Black Pearls’ scratch card game. The odds of winning the big prize are 1 in 480,000.

The BP 6 food store in Camden was the seller of the winning scratcher. The retailer received a bonus of $1,000 for selling the winning ticket.

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