Search For Breath Mints Lead To Fresh Cash

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When blessings are headed your way, it will hitch a ride on anything to get to you – even breath mints.  That is what retiree Laurence Goldwater found when a 6/49 ticket he had bought at a store where he stopped to get breath mints for his wife won a jackpot worth $11,062,889.80.

After dinner on a night out, his wife has asked for breath mints so as not to bother anyone near them when they went to the movies.  That is all it took for the blessings in the form of 6/49 lottery ticket to find them.

After having the ticket checked at a local  outlet, the result came out as Big Winner.  Now that they have more than they need, the couple plan to help their children and to set aside something for their grandchildren – and enjoy their retirement of course.


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