Two Sisters Share £300k Won Through A Torn Lotto Ticket

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It took awhile before sisters Lucy Dixon and her sister Annie managed to purchase a winning lottery ticket. In their excitement however, the winning ticket ripped in half.

When Lucy discovered she had won, it was so hard to believe that she had to go over to sister Annie’s house so they can check it together. But the results were the same. It was in their excited jumping around that the ticket got torn. Nevertheless Lucy kept the torn ticket in her pillow for a night and then they contacted Camelot.

Because of all the security checks that the lottery had to do, the release of their winnings was delayed. They had to establish that the tickets were original and the halves were from the same ticket. Then they also checked whether the claimants were the rightful owners of the ticket.

But now the sisters are set to receive the £300,000 prize they had won back on the 8th of April this year. Lucy says she was lucky that the lottery paid her despite the torn ticket and that the prize was worth the wait.

Lucy’s only plan is to treat the family to a holiday. Annie says she will also treat family and give their parents a grand celebration for their 50th wedding anniversary. She has also bought a lovely new Alfa Romeo.


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