Son Wins The Lottery, Mum Gets A New Car

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27-year old engineer Robin Marriott never expected to win the lottery, which is a bit curious because he buys Health Lottery tickets.   But despite his low expectations, win he did, pocketing a £100,000 jackpot.

The unbelieving young man was generous and at the same time sensible about his win.  The first purchase he made was a new car for his Mum, who wanted a new one for years but could not afford it.  Other than that, he plans to buy a house, and to treat his partner to an extra special present this year.

The young man has no plan to splurge on anything extravagant.  In fact he will continue to play the Health Lottery.  He wants to continue having the chance win big jackpots while supporting various health causes.  His mates at work have even asked him to buy lottery entries for them, believing him to be lucky.


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