Statistician Wins $100,000 Lotto Jackpot

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Statistics Professor Wins The Lottery

There is very little chance of winning the lottery.  Odds of winning have been calculated at 1 in several millions, hundred millions even depending on the game.  These odds are even posted in lottery websites.  No one is more familiar with odds of winning than statisticians.  That is why it is highly unusual for statisticians to play the lottery.  Having said all that, the odds of a statistician winning the lottery must be infinitely smaller indeed!

However, Nicholas Kapoor from Connecticut has just won $100,000 in the lottery.  And just to set things straight, Kapoor is a professor at Fairfield University where he teaches accelerated statistics!  In surprising irony, he tells his students quite correctly that it is very hard to win in the lottery.  Of course that does not mean that nobody wins.  It just means that more people (thousands or even millions) lose and very few win big jackpots.

He now says he will incorporate his experience in his statistics classes.  He has been teaching the students about Powerball and the formulas for determining winning odds scientifically.

As to his prize money, he says he will only touch it next year probably to travel.


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