Steel Workers Syndicate Bags £1 Million

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A 27-man syndicate calling themselves ‘Balls of Steel’ have a lot of reasons to celebrate the new year after posting a £1 million lottery win.  Their good fortune came courtesy of the New Year’s Eve UK Millionaire Raffle Draw of the Euromillions Lottery.  The men are all maintenance workers at the SSI (steel) plant in Redcar.

Each of the members of the betting syndicate will get a £37,037 share of the winnings.  Most of the men say the windfall will enable many of them to clear debts and for some to set aside money for their children.  Some even say it will help with retirement plans down the road.

A different group of 30 workers from the same steel plant had won about £300,000 in September 2013.  The Balls of Steel syndicate have been playing together for the past two years and have no plans to stop.


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