Sudbury Man Wins £1 Million Lottery Prize

October 5th, 2017   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Sometimes when blessings come, people are caught unawares. Take the case of Martin Creighton who works as a groundsman; he had to read about a missing lottery winner from his place to do another check of his tickets and discover he’s a wealthy man.

When he checked his tickets again, he found that one had a code that matched the results on the paper. Just to be sure, he headed over to see his friend Shaun Davis, who is the landlord at The Brewers Arms pub. He was ecstatic when Davis confirmed that he was a winner.

Now he looks forward to buying his own home and going on a cycling holiday in Norfolk. Since he is single, he plans to do as much cycling as he can. He’s not about to quit working though, but now that decision is driven by choice rather than need.


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