Supermarket Wins EuroMillions

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In a confusing turn of events for the lottery companies legal experts, the Tesco supermarket in County Meath, Ireland just won €500,000.

How is that possible?

The sales assistant accidentally issued the wrong ticket. The customer wanted a €4 ticket but was instead issued a €9 ticket. On noticing the mistake, the assitant issued the correct ticket and locked the incorrect one in the till until they figured out what to do with it.

The ‘incorrect’ ticket was never cancelled, and actually won the Euromillions Plus draw on Friday. A prize worth €500,000.

Tesco Ireland have stated that should it be determined they are entitled to the prize, that the money will be given away.

Euromillions Plus is an add-on game exclusive to Ireland. The winning numbers were 1, 8, 36, 38 and 46.

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