Taste For Nachos Leads To $50M Win

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Many lottery winners attribute their success to  their commitment to play regularly; and they may be right.  But in the case of Gregory Nikolopoulos, it may be craving for nachos which lead him to a $50 million Lottomax jackpot.

He bought tickets on a corner store after buying nachos.  The morning after the draw he was screaming his lungs off when he discovered his big win.  Now he says he wants a bigger boat, but other than that and being without financial problems he does not expect his life to change much.  He wants to continue fixing basements, and he plans to continue playing the lottery.

Read more in http://www.torontosun.com/2015/02/09/nacho-craving-leads-to-50m-lottery-win-for-wasaga-beach-family

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