Texan Becomes Biggest-Ever Arkansas Lottery Winner

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Many people aspire for all sorts of record-breaking achievements. But can anything top being the biggest-ever lottery winner in an entire state?

That is what Edilberto Cantu of Lubbock, Texas just did. He became the biggest lottery winner, not in his home state but in Arkansas. He won a $177 million Megamillions jackpot from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

Though Cantu is a regular lottery player, it was his job that really facilitated his big win. You see, he bought the ticket from the All Stop Valero at 408 East 22nd Street in Stuttgart, Ark., while he was supervising a construction  job in the state.

Though he purchased the ticket in late March, the winner only put in a claim for his prize Monday. He and his wife had been busy ensuring the money will be properly invested. They chose to receive the prize as a single payment of $73 million.

The lucky couple say they will take care of their family. They have also bought a van for their church and plan to finance church construction. Meanwhile the store that sold the winning ticket is set to receive a $50,000 bonus.


Read more in http://finance.yahoo.com/news/biggest-ever-arkansas-lottery-winner-231500238.html

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