That’s One Hot Lottery Ticket

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Kathleen Crewe kept her winning lottery ticket in what she thought was a very safe place.

Being somewhat more careful than many lottery players, she not only tucked her ticket safely inside a thermos flask. But then went on to put the thermos flask inside a flame proof bag!

The ticket was worth $7 Million.

Karen, 57, of Milbury had just won the Massachusetts State $10 Million Raffle.

But she hid the ticket carefully away and headed off to her job at the grocery store, Goretti’s Market, as normal.

Thankfully she didn’t absent-mindedly decide to make herself a flask of coffee to take to work that day.

And it was only yesterday that she revealed the news to her two children that she was now $7 Million richer. Both son and daughter accompanied Karen to collect her prize from the lottery headquarters in Braintree.

The big second prize of $1 Million went to 47 year old Plymouth man, Ronald Tiemann.

You can find a detailed list of all the 1,022 $10 Million Raffle winners on the official lottery site here.

So where do you keep your winning tickets..?

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