The Feirings Win $6.8 Million MegaBucks Jackpot

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Angela and Brian Feiring bought lotto tickets for the same reasons most of us do – hoping to win big bucks.  The pair always made it a point to buy quick picks, perhaps knowing that the odds remain the same whatever number combination you choose.  But more than just winning a big jackpot, the happy couple have made Salem, Oregon history.

The Feirings have just bagged the biggest MegaBucks jackpot ever won in Salem – all of $6.8 million!  While the ticket was a quick pick, they thought it was especially lucky after one of the numbers matched their daughter’s birthday.  Their hunch proved right as the ticket matched all six numbers drawn.  They later chose to receive the prize as a one time lump sum of $2.2 million net of all taxes.

The previous biggest MegaBucks winner in Salem was Steven Clinton who won $6.25 million in 1998.

They bought the winning ticket at a Shell gas station on Commercial Street SE.  Owner Sanjay Prasad is delighted to learn of the $68,000 bonus his store earned just for selling the lucky ticket.  He says it comes just in time to fund much-needed roof repairs.


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