Thirty Electricians Get Early Christmas Presents

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A group of thirty electricians working for the SSI steel plant in Redcar won £288743.10 from the EuroMillions Lottery, but they did not know  about it till four days later.

Edward Phoenix, who was the leader of their EuroMillions syndicate, had left the ticket at the plant over the weekend.  To further delay the discovery, Edward made sure to take the ticket home the following Monday, but forgot to check once again.  They only learned they won when the group used a phone app to check the results.

Most of them have planned what they want to do with their share of the money.  One has upgraded plane tickets and hotels for a forthcoming vacation abroad, while another wants to take his family to meet his parents in New Zealand.

Must be nice for such a big group of friends to suddenly receive an early Christmas present courtesy of the lottery.


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