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Lottery Stories Of The Week

Interesting lottery success stories this week include people who benefited from lottery wins without even having to play:  a five-month old baby will get her college fund started after her parents win the lottery and a husband gets a new truck after his wife wins $500,000.  A woman who won $7.5 million off the Megamillions lottery waited all of three months before claiming her prize.

A woman who bought a scratcher ticket to show her husband that the lottery is just a waste of money ended up winning a million dollars!

Woman Fails To Convince Husband To Drop Lottery Play
A woman’s attempt to prove to her husband that lottery playing is just a waste of time backfired spectacularly – and she’s all smiles about it.

Parents Win “College Fund” For 5-Month Old
What’s the next biggest blessing to having a child? For Andy and Valery Shreeve, that seems to be winning enough money to secure the child’s future!

Woman Wins Lottery; Husband Gets New Truck
Friends and family of winners almost always say “I’m happy for you!”  Margo Zecchini’s husband is sure to feel very happy that she won.

Woman Waits 3 Months To Claim $7.5 Million Prize
Most lottery winners get so excited they rush over to the lottery office to claim their prize at once.  Christina Ford is not like most lottery winners.

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