Ticket Lost In Church Returned On April Fool’s Day

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How would you feel if you won a $50 million lottery prize  then lost the ticket while attending church services?  Haseem Nosiru had the winning ticket for the January 17 draw of the Lotto Max duct taped to his wife’s purse.  Yet after attending church, they became aware that the ticket was missing.

The loss prompted a thorough search of their house which did not turn up the missing ticket.  Their anxiety only ended on April Fool’s day when a member of the same congregation found the ticket and returned it to the now happy couple.  The person who found it was able to trace them because they had signed the ticket and had even indicated their address.

Now  the couple are planning to travel in other parts of the world and help out their family.

Read more in http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/06/02/brampton_couple_reunited_with_50m_lottery_ticket_lost_at_church.html

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