Trucker Buys Lucky Ticket On The Road

February 24th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

A trucker who just decided to buy a lottery ticket when he stopped over for a snack during one of his trips came up a big winner.

When Paul Lawton managed to find the time to check his ticket the Sunday morning after the draw, he was surprised to find he matched all six numbers.  He was suddenly £6.9 million richer.  He took the phone and asked his wife to come home for just ten minutes, which she did.  After checking the ticket, the wife calmly went back to finish her shift at a care home.

 The couple and her daughters already had a family celebration of sorts.  Now Paul Lawton and his wife Debbie revealed that they will use the money to help their family, especially to take care of their disabled daughter.


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