Two Time Lottery Winner Says He’s Unlucky

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George Traykov has won significant jackpots from the lottery.  He won £1 million in the Millionaire Raffle in 2011 and recently bucked astronomical odds to win another £160,000.  But while most people would be happy win one big jackpot, George still claims he is unlucky with numbers.

The ‘basis’ of his claim of being unlucky is that on his latest win, he missed a bigger payout of £12 million by a single number.  So while a vast majority of lottery players have yet to register a big jackpot, here’s a guy who’s had two of them in two years and is still unhappy about it.

The man has used his winnings to send a daughter to private school and to take a trip to Mexico.  He does not plan on buying a new house and plans to retrofit his present home.  This story proves that money can’t buy happiness.


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