UK Lotto Push To Shut Out Rivals

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National Lottery vs LottoLand

The operators of the UK National Lottery, Camelot, are again pushing to shut down rival companies from competing with them.

The latest push is an attempt to prevent other operators from taking bets on the outcome of the EuroMillions draw. Popular rivals LottoLand could effectively be shut out of the market if the bid succeeds. Right now players can bet on the EuroMillions with LottoLand for 50p less per entry than with the National Lottery. A move which has greatly angered National Lottery bosses.

This is only currently possible due to a loophole that still exists after the National Lottery previously shut down rivals from betting on the UK Lotto draw. Because EuroMillions is shared across countries outside of the UK, operators are currently still allowed to take bets on the results of the “non-UK draw”. Camelot have been campaigning since 2015 to also shut this competition down.

The UK’s DCMS (Department for Culture, Media & Sport) announced that open consultation will now take place on stopping 3rd party companies from betting on these non-UK based EuroMillions draws.

Camelot stands firm by their claims that allowing such rival operators hurts the funds raised for good causes. Although they haven’t been able to provide any evidence to back up that claim. It does appear to be a bit of an emotive smoke screen to protect company and profits instead. And the company have been regularly criticised in the past for both the relatively low percentage that goes to good causes, and the types of good causes that receive funds.

The Government has also stated that they have seen little support for the restrictions outside of Camelot or other National Lottery beneficiaries. That is, consumers don’t appear to mind at all and would rather have the choice.

CEO of LottoLand, Nigel Birrell said he’d weclome a “general discussion about the justification” for Camelot having such a monopoly on lottery activity in the UK.

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