UK Lotto Syndicate Win £4 Million With A Lucky Dip

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There was extra singing in the Rhondda Valley this Saturday, to the tune of £4,091,609.

A syndicate of rugby loving fans from the Rhondda Valley in South Wales just hit the UK Lotto jackpot, with a £1 lucky dip ticket.

The syndicate of four, formed back in 2003, had never won anything bigger than £80 before.

Terry Roberts, 50, the syndicate manager comes from the same village as members Lance Gifford, 50, and Gerwyn Jones, 48, where they all grew up together. And the three have been friends with fourth member Mike Williams, 45, since they met 20 years ago at the local rugby club.

All four live in Ferndale which used to be a mining town, but now has one of the biggest unemployment rates in the whole of the UK.

Recent times have not been so kind to the four men, with hardship, redundancies and unemployment all very fresh memories.

But now the group are already making plans for a dream trip ‘down under’ to watch the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. New cars, clearing debts and holidays are the other items to so far make their to-do lists.

As winnings from the UK Lotto are not taxed, the four become instant millionaires with each banking £1,004,902.25. They were thrilled to be presented their winnings by Welsh rugby star Martyn Williams.

If you want a chance of joining the lucky Welsh winners, join a UK Lotto syndicate today. You might find yourself reading about your own big win one day.

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