Va. Powerball Winner Makes Last Minute Claim

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Most big lottery winners are get so excited they want to get their hands on their fortunes right away.  There are some who wait a few days, to get used to the fact that their financial fortunes have taken a leap forward before claiming their prize.  Very few people have the patience to wait months before making their claim.

But Aaron Monsey was a very patient man; he knew he had won a $1 million Powerball jackpot the day after the draw yet waited till 177 days to claim his prize.  He put in his claim on 15th Dec., just three days before the 180 day claim period was about to expire.  When asked why he waited so long, he had no definite answer.

The Sterling Park Exxon where he bought the winning lucky pick ticket earned a $10,000 bonus.   Monsey, a carpenter by trade, must really love his work to have the patience to wait that long.


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