Virginia Couple Posts Fourth Lottery Win

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The odds of winning a significant lottery prize is so low that people would be lucky to win once in their lifetime. This is what makes a Virginia couple’s record almost unbelievable.

Calvin and Zatera Spencer started their run of extremely good luck back in March 2014 when they won an incredible three times! These include a $1 million second prize in the March 12 Powerball draw, a further $50,000 in the March 26 draw of Pick 4, and another million dollars from a Million Cash Extravaganza Scratcher ticket.  Everyone agrees that the record is hard to beat.

But now, just three years later, the couple are once again winners. Calvin bought a Cash 5 ticket from the Tinee Giant on Airline Boulevard for the Feb.1 draw and won the top prize of $100,000! The pair now have a collection of four ceremonial checks from the lottery!

Calvin says they have been enjoying life since that incredibly lucky month in 2014, though both still work. They consider the wins blessings from the Lord. Looks like there’s a chance they’ll be in the winner’s circle again in the future because Calvin jokes that he’s good at it.  That means they plan to continue playing. With their luck, who can blame them?


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