Man Always Believed He Would Win

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Korede Mojeed, who has lived in New York for the past thirty years, has always believed he would win in the lottery eventually.  He says this is why he usually spends $20 on lottery tickets.  Still when the time came for him to win, he did not realize it was him at first.

Mojeed had bought Powerball tickets, and went to a convenience store to check if he had won anything.  While at the store, the clerk announced that they had sold a big winner, which Mojeed just ignored.

Only after running his ticket through the machine did Mojeed realize that he was the winner the clerk had been referring to.  The retired pharmacist had just won a $1 million second prize.

Mojeed opted to receive a single lump sum payment of $661,800, and is now looking to replace his old car.

Lottery officials introduced six other new millionaires, among them:

–  Melissa Beck of Brooklyn won $1 million from the Cash Blast scratch-off game.

–  Igor Topchiy, won $1 million in the Silver & Gold scratch-off game. Interestingly, his winning ticket had been a late birthday gift from his fiancee

–  Bus driver Jamel Wright, won the $3-million top prize on the 50X the Money scratch-off game.

–  Arnon and Ilana Perelman, of Fresh Meadows, Queens, who won a lump sum of $1,227,345 in the Set for Life scratch-off game.

–  CUNY payroll officer, Sang Yoo, won a $1-million top prize on the Cash Blowout scratch-off game.

To all those who keep bashing lottery players, Mojeed is right; eventually someone wins, and that someone could be anybody, even you!


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