Waiter Who Pestered Boss To Buy Lottery Ticket To Get Half The Prize

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Waiter Mr. Ozcan dreamed he was in standing front of his boss holding a lot of money.  Convinced this meant his boss would win the lottery he pestered his boss Mr. Kucukkoylu for a full 3 hours, finally convincing him to buy a lottery ticket.  Interestingly, his boss actually won £1 million.  But the boss could not be persuaded to share the winnings with the waiter, so Ozcan accused his boss of stealing the winning ticket from him.

In front of a judge, however, the truth came out; Kucukkoylu did not steal the ticket, he had bought it at Ozcan’s insistence. This led the judge to come to a surprising ruling which ordered Kucukkoylu to give half the winnings to Ozcan.

Ozcan is very lucky.  No one would have imagined a judge would make that kind of a ruling.  It is not known if Kucukkoylu plans to appeal.

Read more in http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/10966915/Waiter-awarded-half-share-of-lottery-jackpot-after-predicting-win-in-a-dream.html

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