West Sussex Man’s Lucky Dip Wins £1,000,000

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Winning a big lottery jackpot is not supposed to be easy; statistics say there’s just 1 in several million chance of winning a big payout. However a mystery man who’s only willing to be referred to as Mr. G has just made it look easy.

The lucky man managed a million pound win without even touching a lottery ticket! The man is an online player who bought his entry for the February 25th draw using a just few clicks. Since he opted for a lucky dip, he did not even have to pick a set of numbers.  Now, after having the raffle code on his entry getting picked up, he is suddenly  £1,000,000 richer. Best of all, online winners have the option of revealing their identities, remain completely anonymous or, as in this case, give out a few details.

Playing the lottery online can be very convenient too because your ticket gets checked for you automatically, and there is no physical ticket to misplace! Winners are also notified via email. The winner has divulged that he will use the money to purchase a new home.

Read more in http://www.wscountytimes.co.uk/news/1m-lotto-win-for-lucky-west-sussex-man-1-7863970

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