FEATURE: Lottery Winner Of The Month (December 2016)

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Jacqui Shannon Millionaire Raffle Winner

Jacqui Shannon, a mum of one and a charity worker, thought she had a problem. Their two cars were on their last legs and she was thinking of a way so they would pass the MOT inspection and registration process. Little did she know that she had been worrying for almost three weeks about a problem that no longer exists. The old beat-up cars are still there, but she had the means to buy new ones if she wanted to – the only problem was that she couldn’t be bothered to check the emails from the lottery.

Her Style of Play

Like many people Shannon plays the lottery regularly. She says she plays mostly to support the worthy causes that the lottery funds. But of course she also entertains thoughts of winning, perhaps at the back of her mind. She has won few pounds now and then. She chooses to play in the most convenient manner: online and purchasing entries good for a few weeks at a time.

It was a £25 win which prompted her to go online to purchase lotto entries, including one for the 1st November draw. As usual, the lottery sent emails to winners, including Shannon, to notify them of the amounts they won. Shannon saw the email, but thinking it was one of those small wins again did not bother to read it.

How She Found Herself a Millionaire

But one day, three weeks later, she thought of logging in to her National Lottery account. That was when she saw two emails. The first email said she had won a lucky dip – a small win like she suspected. The other email was a lot different – it said she had won in the Millionaire Raffle draw of 1st November. While she was worrying about getting their two cars to pass MOT registration requirements, she was already a millionaire!

She was at the office when she discovered her win, and excuse herself so she could go to the hallway and phone the lottery for confirmation. She wanted to shout out loud but was able to control her emotions after a lot of effort.

The Result

First thing she did was call her husband to relay the happy news. After collecting her prize she went on a bit of a spending spree. She bought a BMW 320 for her husband and is set to test drive a mini for herself. She has also set up fund for to help her son when he grows up. And she has not shut the door on the possibility of buying a new home; in fact she is set to view a few houses this week. There are also plans for the family to visit her sister who lives in Dubai – and this time they are flying first class.

Now that she is a EuroMillions millionaire, she says she means to enjoy it. But that does not include any plans to stop working. All she knows is that the money gives her the chance to explore other career options. This just goes to prove that lottery wins can be so empowering, giving people the chance to do what it is they really like and to enjoy life more fully.

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